Oops there goes another…

job.  After several months of abdominal pain (most of which I worked through until the last couple of weeks), I went into work this morning and was let go.  I can’t say I’m surprised and I can’t say I blame my boss, but it still hurts.  I’ve worked fast food off and on for 15 years… I finally get out and into a job that I actually like and within months I’m so sick (again) that I get let go for inability to work scheduled hours.

It’s frustrating.

I’m scared and I’m angry, but most of all I’m sick.  I’m sick all the fucking time and I have no idea what to do about it.  I think I started this blog for theraputic reasons, really.  I certainly don’t know how to advertise something like this…

I’m just tired of feeling like there’s no way that I can communicate how alone and lost I feel.

I’m tired of putting forth everything I have to go nowhere.  I just don’t know if I can keep going any more.


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