Posts I’ve found about social and emotional isolation

When I’m in a room surrounded by people I care about, and who care about me, I still feel completely alone.  I cannot connect to people the way I could when I was a small child.  I can’t empathize with them any more.

For a long time I worried that I would turn out like another man of the Bundy name.  I looked into what being a sociopath means.  At first it alarmed me quite severely to be able to answer all but 2 of them in the affirmative… but I genuinely love my girlfriend.  I don’t want to hurt people.  I just want to be left in peace.

I started looking for an explanation for why I feel the way I do.  Many of them seem quite rational… but none of the studies approaches anything remotely close to the period of time I’ve spent Isolated from the society of my peers.  I’ll be 29 in 3 months.  I still feel like a scared 14 year old.

In any event, these are some of the things I’ve found on emotional and social isolation.

normally I wouldn’t quote yahoo answers but this popped up and while hard to read it’s pretty accurate (in my experience)

This article actually mentions the effects of homelessness


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