people suck

Every time I start to feel better about myself somebody has to get in my face about something and I wind up feeling even worse than when I started.  If I try to tell them how I feel they act like I’m offending them personally by feeling alone or like I’m paranoid for thinking that people are laughing at me.

I’m sorry but the lady on the phone setting up the appointment for this latest doctor’s office audibly snorted.  Hell, I don’t like to see doctors often is for this reason alone.  The doctor before that one, for another example:  About a month before I got this latest job I broke my hand.  My own fault.  I was having one of those days where everybody was shitting on me.  I punched a concrete backed wall and wound up with a boxer’s fracture.  Anyway, when I went in for THAT appointment, everybody there was trying not to laugh at me.  The guy who walked us back to the exam room parked us and then looked me full in the face and asked me if I was related to Al Bundy.

He followed up by informing me that everybody there had been laughing about it all day and was just dying to know.

I’m not some paranoid schizophrenic.  People ARE laughing at me.  Through no fault of my own.  ALL THE TIME.

I would laugh with them if I could but their funny little joke was old before the end of the first season.  It was overused by the start of the second, and by the end of the second, it had become the (still) single most vile thing that a person could say to me.  If you are one of the people who immediately thought about submitting a comment about Married With Children'”, then you should die in a fire.

Just HEARING my name invokes the image of a balding mid 40s MORON and his lovely family.  Don’t get me wrong, the man is a fantastic actor… but after years of harassment I just wish I could crawl under a rock.


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