the problem with partisan politics (or ANY politics) is that positions of authority are attractive to those who are unworthy of them, and unattractive to those that are worthy simply because of it.




The salaries for these positions needs to be much less than they are.  The people selected for these positions need to be forthright and trustworthy.   I don’t know about you, but my fucking health and well being are not something for some asshat, making a power play for his party, to use as a goddamn bargaining chip.  Retirees do not need to be running a country.  A country should be run by a group of extremely intelligent 25-40 year old people from low income families (the 99% are not being adequately represented in congress.  And they’re the people, NOT the entitled rich fucks, who have to do things like drive 30 miles in in the snow to get to work because they can’t afford to eat on a daily basis unless they do.   2 things about common people:

1:  They’re common.  That’s why they’re called common.  As in a gross majority of the population of the world.

2: Because common people are more common than rich fucks, their needs are, by definition, the needs of the common folk.

If 99% of the country needs something, and you (the government) ignore it because you’re worried about the 3 guys that make 30 million a year who MIGHT decide to spend a few bucks, then you deserve a fucking revolution.  And with the way my life has gone I deserve to fucking lead it.


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