Road Rage

It’s been a while since I wrote I guess.  I haven’t thought about the blog much.  Life’s been kind of kicking the crap out of me.  I got on welfare.  So I got medical insurance.  I also had cash assistance but since the program’s been mothballed that’s gone.

evidently politicians think that food stamps can buy shoes and clothes.  Why would the government do something like tax billionaires for personal income greater than 5 million dollars when it can literally steal the fucking clothes off of my back instead?  Lot of money in that, don’t you know.

I have a therapist now.  In fact wanting to be able to more effectively communicate myself to her is what got me starting thinking about this thing again.  She’s nice.  I still don’t like talking about my problems.  I worry that she’s not getting a picture of what my life has been like because I’m an inadequate speaker.

In other news I helped an old friend move today.  I’ll be going back in the morning to help him clean the house, if I can drag my ass out of bed at 9.

In even more news, some sociopath had a fit of road rage and went crazy.  I was lane changing and he was speeding up to try and stop me.  When that didn’t deter me from lane changing, he decided to follow me, weaving through traffic like an asshole.  He tried to run me off the road going by the mall.  That also didn’t deter me from my goal (which was, at that point, getting away from the fucking crazy guy trying to kill me).  When I stopped at a light, the dude jumped out of his car and starting screaming about how I nearly killed him and his wife.  he punched the window a couple of times and spit in my face a couple of times.  He threatened to beat me to death and leave me in the middle of the road.  He told me to get out of the car so that he could k ill me.  He spit in my face a couple more times, and then the light turned green.

an excerpt from the conversation I had with my gf after telling her about the crazy guy:


GF 10:34 pm
oh sweetie…today is just….not…not a good day…

Bundy 10:35 pm
dude this is every day that I’m anywhere outside my room

GF 10:35 pm
::pets:: im sorry love. i wish i could make things perfect for you….

Bundy 10:35 pm
tell me that nearly every time that we’ve gone out in the car in recent memory, multiple people haven’t tried to run us off the road.

GF 10:36 pm
…..*cough* i plead the fifth….

Bundy 10:36 pm
I’m not even kidding.  life is out to get me

GF 10:36 pm

Bundy 10:36 pm
it’s not a joke.  it’s not paranoia.

GF 10:37 pm
i dont know what to tell you about that….though im betting you just want me to listen, yeah?

Bundy 10:37 pm
there is a fucking line running from my position to the edge of the universe highlighting the exact trajectory for the balls of shit

Bundy 10:39 pm
I don’t leave the house because I would rather die of bedsores than face my life on a daily basis




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