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is unknowable.  Check.  Omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.  Check.  Most religions have something like this at their root.  There is a reason for that.  Look something that could look at the whole of space-time at a glance does not exist in any way shape or form that we could understand.  It does not think like us, it does not experience emotion or life the way we do.

It is, by its very nature, completely foreign to us.  It doesn’t have a gender as we understand it because it is not a species of creature that we could identify.  In all seriousness, if it deigned to manifest itself in such a small range of dimensions as to even be perceivable to a human being, it could probably appear as a giant yellow lollipop if it wanted to.  IF it wants ANYTHING.

Trying to understand what God is draws a close comparison to an amoeba attempting to classify us based on its life experiences.  We are quite literally incomprehensible to that amoeba.  It can’t even imagine that we exist.

We, as a species, need to put religion away as a topic of conversation.  Yes, there is almost definitely something out there that is so much more vast and powerful than we are that we would call it a god.  Get over it.  We can’t understand it.  Trying is futile.  Move on.

We as an organized species need to put away our anger and begin working toward the common good.  No nations, no religions, no ethnicity, no gender, just homo-sapiens.  We as a species need to begin working on medical nanotechnology, gravitational manipulation, and wireless transmission of energy, because each of these things is possible, and if done without greed and made affordable, these technologies could absolutely change everything.  We need to allow our accomplishments and contributions to speak for what we each hold dear.

We need to look on each other as brothers and sisters, because every living thing on this planet is made of the same genetic foundation.  We need to begin building toward galactic colonization because we, as a species, are destroying the planet we live on, and when some religious nutbar or political extremist drops the first bomb, we’re all out of luck.

We won’t have the technology to save the planet, and we won’t have the technology to leave it.  We will have doomed ourselves to a slow and agonizing extinction while our planet dies.

Where I come from they call that “Up Shit Creek.”